Of Sewers and Silk


Sturg Littmans, the Halfling Bard


In the Taldorian port-town of Cassomir, Sturg Littmans had lived big for a small man. The halfling had spent his days on the street, making music for money. The coin was good, the wine was cheap, and the company was pleasant. But dark times call for dark deeds. As the “Bearded” Taldorian nobles resumed their bloody war with the southern state of Qadira, people began to leave the once-prosperous trade hub. The war had been fought on and off again for 200 years. Some years were more intense than others, and this year was no exception.

Sturg had never thought of himself as a fatherly-figure. He was not the type of man who would be easily tied down. Like a carrack at sea, he would travel wherever the winds of fate might blow him. At any other point in his life, Sturg would have set sail for more prosperous harbors. But one chill March morning, something happened that made him drop anchor in Cassomir. It was the day he met the human child Aeryn.

Aeryn, the Human Child


86617.jpgAeryn was an orphan. Growing up in the dark alleys of Cassomir, he had been called a thief, a cutpurse, a pickpocket and several other more discourteous words not worth mentioning here. Aeryn, however, considered himself an artist. Making someone else’s possessions your own takes skill, and skill was something he did not lack.

Just as one artist’s work can only truly be appreciated by another artist, so too did Sturg find something admirable in Aeryn’s art. The two working together seemed only natural, and they quickly formed a strong bond. Sturg would entertain the crowd with his enchanting melodies while Aeryn would pilfer every pocket and pinch every purse.

Bokrig Aledrink the Dwarven Cleric of Paletius


Belorin the Half-Elf Ranger


Other Stuff that Happened


After meeting up, the gang got in some trouble when Aeryn was arrested for petty theft. They managed to break him out of jail in return for his help as a guide for the city. With the help of Aeryn, the group managed to track down their contact, Venture Captain Talos. Talos then explained the situation and of the missing staff and that the group had to track down its location. The group was introduced to a local crab fisher / smuggler by the name of Nuncle “Three-Finger” Eddy. Eddy suggested they seek out Valdeez – the biggest merchant in Cassomir. There they learned that Valdeez was in fact the one who bought the staff, but had recently sold it to a Taldorian noble. Valdeez offered to reveal the name of the noble if the group could retrieve a shipment of silk stolen by Benny Bug Eyes, leader of a criminal gang known as The Sewer Slugs. They tracked Benny to his hideout in the sewers beneath Cassomir and managed to retrieve the stolen silk, as well as free from captivity the fierce fighter known as Renaut

Upon returning the silk to Valdeez, the group learned that the the staff was purchased by Yenian Urthadar, son of Lord Ravian Urthadar III – current ruler of Taldor. Yenian is currently finishing his tour of Taldor’s great cities,, working to secure alliances with those who would work to dethrone his father. The next stop on his tour is up the Sellen river to the Gnomish logging town of Wispil. This is where the party would head next.

Of Sewers and Silk

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