House Rules

Here are the house rules we will be using in our game:

Identifying Magic Items

To identify a magic item or scroll, you must first cast detect magic then make a spellcraft check.

  • The DC for items is 15 + the item’s caster level
  • The DC for scrolls is 20 + the spell’s level.

If you fail to identify the item or scroll, you must wait 1 day before you can try again.

Identifying Potions

PCs can sample a potion to identify what is inside with a Perception check.

  • The DC is 15 + the spell level of the potion

If you fail to identify the potion, you must wait 1 day before you can try again.

Using Magic Items

To use magic devices, you must make a use magic device check. Here are the DCs:

Action DC
Activate blindly 25
Decipher a written spell 25 + spell level
Use a scroll 20 + caster level of the spell
Use a wand 20

When activating blindly, the following rules apply:

  • +2 bonus on your check if you’ve activated the item once before.
  • If you fail by 9 or less, you fail to activate the device.
  • If you fail by 10 or more, you suffer a mishap and take 2d6 points of damage.

Note on the difference between caster level and spell level

Spell level is just that – the level of a spell.

Caster level (CL) is an attribute that every magic item has. CL determines the relative strength of a magic item. For example: Ring of Protection +1 has a CL of 5. The CL of a scroll is determined by who created it. A scroll can only be created by someone could cast the spell to begin with. So for example: fireball is a third-level wizard spell. Wizards need to be level 6 to cast third-level spells, so the minimum CL for a scroll of fireball would be 6 (although the person making the scroll could in theory be a higher level and make the scroll at a higher level which could make it more powerful – see magic missile).



  • Melee attack bonus = BAB + STR bonus + Size modifier
  • Ranged attack bonus = BAB + DEX bonus + Size modifier + Range penalty
  • If you are using a composite bow and your STR bonus is below its STR rating, you suffer -2 to attack


  • Melee, slings and thrown weapons: Weapon Damage + STR bonus
  • 2-handed weapons: Weapon Damage + 1.5 STR bonus
  • Off-hand weapons only get 1/2 STR bonus (or full STR penalty to damage)
  • When using any bow with a negative STR bonus, you suffer that penalty to damage
  • Composite bows can receive STR bonus to damage up to their rating.

Two Weapon Fighting

  • You get two attacks per round
  • -6 to ATK with primary, -10 to ATK with secondary
  • If off-hand weapon is light, then you get penalties for both reduced by 2
  • Double weapons function in the same way
  • Thrown weapons function the same way (darts and shurikens are treated as light weapons)

Critical Hits

  • A natural 20 always hits.
  • A roll of 20 is a “threat.” You must then confirm by rolling again with the same modifiers. If you hit on the second roll, you have critically hit.
  • Default threat range is 20 and default multiplier is x2.
  • Scenario: An enemies AC is 19. You have an increased threat range of 18-20. You roll an 18. You did not hit and you did not threat. You only threat if you hit.


  • Charging is a full-round action
  • Must move before you attack
  • Must move at least 10 ft.
  • May move up to double your speed
  • Must have line of sight to target before moving
  • Must move to the closest position for which you would be able to attack
  • If anything blocks or hinders you on the way, or occupies the closest position to an attack, you cannot charge
  • You get +2 to attack and -2 to AC until start of your next turn

Bull Rush

  • Instead of attacking, you can use a bull rush (no damage)
  • Can use it instead of your attack on a charge
  • Target gets an attack of opportunity against you
  • Your CMB vs their CMD
  • Success = you push them 5 ft. backwards
  • For every 5 over their CMD you can push them another 5ft. backwards
  • You may move with the opponent if you have enough movement left
  • May bull rush creatures in a row, but you roll for each one beyond the first at -4

House Rules

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